Some say Virginia is for lovers. That may be true, but we also think Virginia is for bloggers.

There is an amazing community of Virginia bloggers (and readers!) and we wanted to give everyone a place to connect, discover new blogs, and share their content!

me with apple

Liz is our membership coordinator: If you’re looking to submit your blog, write a guest post, or organize a meet up, she can get you connected. She’s a vegetarian living in Richmond, blogging over at I Heart Vegetables.






Sarah apron




Rana is our NoVA ambassador: If you’re in the northern Virginia area and you have an idea for a meet up, or are looking to connect to bloggers in the Northern Virginia area, Rana can help you out! She also blogs her love of running over at Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Running.

Tinsley Stricker - CookingShorts.comTinsley is our foodie contributor: She shares a passion for all things food. Whether it’s cooking, baking or eating, she loves it all. She’s the co-creator of CookingShorts.com, which is a husband and wife run northern Virginia food blog that provides the average home cook healthy, easy-to-make recipes, food tips and restaurant reviews. It’s not uncommon to find Tinsley picking ingredients for her next creation at local farms and farmers’ markets on the weekend.

We love doing “spotlight” features of local bloggers, as well as covering local events and activities. 

To be a member of Virginia Bloggers submit your blog!

Already a member and want to be a guest blogger? Submit a guest post here!


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