Chicken Caprese Skewers

Today’s post is from the bloggers over at CookingShorts, as husband and wife team “designed to bring short recipes and good food to your table.” We love that mission!

Chicken Caprese Skewers

Taylor and Trevor, our niece and nephew, are two kids we love to have in the kitchen with us. Food is our passion and we love sharing that with these two cuties. Taylor is 11 and she’s a sponge when it comes to learning. She adapts so well in the kitchen that we have no doubt that she could be an amazing chef one day. Trevor loves to help (and loves to get messy). His favorite thing is to crack eggs, so we always make sure to have a recipe ready that needs eggs.

We created this recipe for a fun picnic at the park. It was quick and easy, and gave us plenty of energy to keep up with these two crazy kids.

This recipe would be perfect for a summer time BBQ, a pool side snack or just a quick weeknight dinner.

◾2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cubed into bite-sized pieces
◾1/2 cup flourChicken Caprese Skewers
◾1 egg, beaten
◾1 cup panko breadcrumbs
◾1/4 cup Parmesan cheese, grated
◾salt and pepper
◾8 cherry tomatoes
◾8 small cubes mozzarella
◾vegetable oil

Heat 1 inch of oil to 350 in a large skillet. Place flour, egg and breadcrumbs into 3 separate bowls. Create an assembly line: chicken station, egg station and a breading station. Pat the chicken dry with a paper towel. Toss chicken in flour, then dip in egg, then in breadcrumbs, turning to coat. Cook the chicken in batches in the hot oil until golden brown. Remove from oil and place on a paper towel to drain and cool.

Thread chicken onto skewers, alternating with tomatoes and cheese. Chill until ready to serve.

One thought on “Chicken Caprese Skewers

  1. My goodness! These look delicious and are making me hungry. More importantly, my boys would love this. They love chicken nuggets (of course these look way better than a regular nugget), and cheese, and cherry tomatoes. I go to Sam’s Club every two weeks and two items on my list every time are cherry tomatoes and cheese cubes. My kids would eat cheese and tomatoes for every meal if I let them. This looks so easy too, and I need easy. I recently started my own business,, and also work full-time and raise three sweet boys, so easy little recipes like this are perfect for my husband and I to take on. I’m happy to see a Virginia bloggers’ blog – this is great 🙂

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