Eating: Wholesome Goodness

First off all, we want to give a huge thanks to Wholesome Goodness for sponsoring our “Mock-tail” party this afternoon!

We had a great turn out of Virginia Bloggers, with quite a variety of dips! I can’t wait to try some of those recipes!!

We had tons of chips, including:

If we’re playing favorites, I’d have to say the Multigrain and Flax Tortilla Chips are amazing. They pretty much go with ANY dip, in my opinion… but some of my favorites included Mollee’s pesto dip, and Gabby’s salsa! Wholesome Goodness also sent us some of there salsa, and it’s delicious as well!

We sampled both the Pomegranate juice as well as the Pomegranate Blueberry & Acai juice.

I think my favorite mix was 1 part part club soda, 1 part lemon lime soda, and 1 part Pomegranate Blueberry & Acai juice!

And just in case our bloggers didn’t get enough Wholesome Goodness at the party, we were able to send everyone home with a some trail mix! The Tuxedo Mix is one of my all time favorites!

You can follow Wholesome Goodness on Twitter, and they’re have been a fantastic company to work with! (Thanks again, Kathleen!)

Thanks again to Wholesome Goodness and all the bloggers that were able to make it to the party! Keep checking the events page for summer announcements, and make sure you follow us on twitter, for all the updates!

4 thoughts on “Eating: Wholesome Goodness

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